Network Services: To Keep Your Business At Maximum Efficiancy


A network service in computer networking refers to an application operating at the network application layer and above, which offers data storage, communication, manipulation, presentation and/or other capabilities. The network service is implemented using a peer-to-peer or client-server architecture that is based on application-layer network protocols.

Each service is normally offered by a server component operating on one/more computers (usually a dedicated server computer providing multiple services) and accessed through a network (by client components) running on other gadgets.

Examples of network services (for businesses) include:

  • Domain name system (DNS) – help translate domain names to IP (internet protocol) addresses.
  • Authentification servers-authenticate and identify users, log usage statistics and give user account profiles.
  • VPN services support video, business and voice apps on one MPLS network. Help secure your conversations with a virtual private network provider.
  • Ethernet services- Connect offices, workers and customers. It is a high-speed, cost-effective network service solution which can easily be deployed in different setups, including Global, Wide Area and Metro.
  • Internet connectivity-High speed access to internet help you connect with suppliers and customers, and access real-time applications_ over the internet.
  • DWDM and SOET ring service-Ring services help you maintain uninterrupted data access.
  • Networking sourcing-Help deploy, manage and plan your IT solutions whilst keeping multiple location and employees in sync

Other notable mention include:

  • Directory services, e-mail, file sharing, file server, shared printing, system administration and user management
  • Importance of network services (for businesses)
  • There are several benefits to this kind of business environment. These benefits include;
  • Businesses rely on network services for all facets of daily operation. Efficient and reliable customer support and contact ensures you business gain new customers and retain current ones.
  • Incoming inventory and orders can be streamlined with a sound network hence your business can be able to deliver correct -orders in a timely manner.
  • Increased quality control, performance and issue management.

Last but not least the benefit of a sound network service and infrastructure is a vital part of any firm. Without customer contact and support, there are no clients. Without a smoothly-running department, a firm can’t keep happy clients. The internet and reliable phone services can be the difference between a profitable business and failing one.

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