Selling IT to IT Managers – How To Do It Well


Today’s article is a guest post from my friends at Prosyn IT Support in London.

IT managers are very busy people, and the occasional IT sales call is a great bother to them. This fact has led to many people who sell IT frustrated and they tend to avoid selling IT to IT managers. Nonetheless, these sales can be made by those who strive their best to ensure they do the right thing.

Traits that Make IT Managers a Hard Sell

The following are traits that anyone intending to sell their products and services to IT Managers need to comprehend:

  • They Dislike Sales People – IT managers bear no respect for sales people. As a result, they dislike them completely and never give them time to express themselves. A pushy salesperson will not make it in selling to an IT manager. Nevertheless, schmoozing forecasts acts well on them and they may end up making the purchase.
  • They are Knowledgeable and Extremely Cautious – for one to become an IT manager, he/she must have vast knowledge in the ever-changing technology world. Possessing this knowledge makes them proud, thus not opening up to other people. They also have great belief in doing business on their computer, hence consider talking to sales people as being timewasting.
  • They are not concerned about what is good for the business – IT managers are only concerned with doing right by the business. Unlike other managers who are organizationally-motivated, they are self-motivated, meaning they do their work only and are not concerned about the overall enhancement of the business.
  • They treasure the Existing state of affairs – change is not welcomed by bureaucratic IT managers, who like setting and doing things the way they are. On the brighter side, they are smitten with emerging IT objects. Therefore, selling them trending IT solutions is much easier than selling them ordinary IT solutions.

Priceless Tips on How to Sell IT to IT Managers

After carefully reading through and comprehending their traits, the following vital tips will help you make sales to IT Managers:

1. Understand Your Prospects and Outsmart Them

Knowledge and expertise the topmost priorities to an IT Manager. Do not constrain yourself to your company’s solutions only. On the contrary, ensure you thoroughly understand the larger IT landscape as this knowledge will help you impress your IT counterpart – the IT manager. Convey the helpful knowledge to them without moving your sale, and you will gain respect and more time from them.

2. Start Selling from Above

IT managers are captured by any directive from their superiors. Therefore, ensure you offer a business publication with your company’s IT solutions to the CIO. After reading the publication, the CIO will give a directive to the IT manager who will consider the solutions and even buy from you.

3. Do Not Push, Instead Pull

See to it that all your solutions are highly visible to prospects, because this is what IT managers look for in a sale. Your prospects need to be properly marketed so as to attract the IT managers to you. Proper marketing can be done through the application of marketing fundamentals like SEO, content marketing and digital marketing.

4. Your Number 1 Sale – Knowledge

Knowledge should be your number 1 sale, which can be followed by your product thereafter. IT managers crave for education, thus you should provide them with an affordable education offering that establishes a vendor affiliation with your solution. But, don’t offer the knowledge for free, make the IT manager pay for it. Furthermore, avoid over-promoting your offerings in a bid to provide objective education. Simply offer beneficial yet objective information to your views. Try by giving a simple outline of the benefits of IT support.

5. Ensure you have Third-Party Endorsements

As discussed above, IT managers don’t trust sales people, thus it is vital that you have others who give assurance for your services and products. Third-party IT PR firms can be used or hired for this purpose. These third-party sources should be well-known and endorse your prospects, and this will make IT managers trust your offerings.

Understanding IT managers’ characteristics is key to making a successful IT sale. Furthermore, ensure that your products and services are expertly marketed by an IT PR firm like IT relocation Project. Their exemplary IT solutions marketing skills combined with the tips above will significantly increase your IT sells to IT managers.

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