The Future of Drones


A drone can be defined as an unmanned or unpiloted aerial vehicle and piloted by a human or controller in a remote location. I know most of you have come to learn of drones because they have been used in several military. Nonetheless, they are currently being used for other purposes that we are yet to gain insight into.

Nowadays, drones are used for firefighting, policing, surveillance and other security purposes like inspection of power and pipelines. These are uses that I believe most of use comprehend, but do you know what other companies are planning to use them for?

The Future of Drones

In this day and age, drones are around us on a daily basis. They have gained popularity and are currently being used for some commercial and private purposes. This is the major reason why the FAA has issued a ban on commercial drones, due to the fact that despite them being helpful, they pose some threats to us and our beloved countries.

Even though the ban is working, no bans are in place for drone hobbyists. These are occasions when the drone is in the operator’s sight. This has led to many people getting into the commercialization of drones in the name of being hobbyists.

The Future of Drones in Technology

Technology has no boundaries, hence its rapid development and enhancement as days go by. Many technology companies has since thrived and made fortunes in this line of business. The future seems very bright for those willing to take one more step into the future than their competitors. Companies like Google are in the process of setting foot into the future. They have done this by venturing into the use of drones. But how do they use these drones?

Google has the vision of someday using drones to broadcast the internet from the sky. They are not the type who give up that easily, because they have sent their application to the federal government to permit them to conduct their test in New Mexico. Their application was sent to FCC, who control electronic transmissions in the country.

Technologically advanced equipment like the Titan Aerospace are truly fascinating equipment that shed light into the future of drones in technology. These equipment have been proved to fly over the altitude used by commercial aircraft, and for longer time periods too.

Imagine a world where a network of balloons are used to deliver internet connections. This is what Google’s “Project Loon” seeks to achieve for us in the future. Amazingly, pilot tests have already been done and they were fruitful. In June 2013, thirty balloons were launched from South Island in New Zealand into the sky and they were able to provide internet to a small group of pilots. (McNeal, 2014)

As if this is not enough, they are also researching on using drones to make deliveries, which is banned by the FAA. Bans won’t stop them, as they have taken their test abroad and if they prove successful, then our future will be a world full of drones.

Different countries have different laws governing drones, and it is clear that in the future world, drones will become part of our daily lives. Many companies are striving to be the best in their industry, and no terrestrial boundaries will make the shy away. Let us wait and witness the dawn of drones into our world.

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